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Water Solutions

Buildings are becoming more and more connected and the importance of having all building data in sight is constantly increasing. Whether you wish to enhance occupant comfort and productivity or to improve operational and energy efficiency, building management systems enable you to connect, monitor, and operate your facility easily. From single discipline systems to fully integrated buildings, whether they are small or large, single- or multi-site, whether a school, office, hospital, or airport, you will find the right solution in our offering of building management systems. We deliver the new standard in Building Management solutions, designed to meet the highest norms of green buildings, sustainability, scalability, and durable performance.
Our BMS solution provides control and supervision of HVAC, Lighting, Security, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Fighting systems, Energy monitoring, and management system, Diesel Genset, water pumping systems, Solar and wind energy, and other third-party systems, which are now mandatory in all buildings.
At SAMTEX SOLUTIONS, we offer everything from simple, configurable controls for specific kinds of equipment to highly programmable automation systems for entire facilities and campuses.

Our next-generation building automation systems make it possible to extend automated control to every building system on a single platform. We also offer control systems and components for commercial refrigeration equipment as well as a full line of HVAC equipment.

  • Scalable Portfolio

    Multiple systems to serve any building management need – from the most complex to light commercial to specific regional needs.

  • Proven Engineering

    Fast and easy installation, configuration, and commissioning.

  • Intuitively Designed

    Helps facility operators identify and correct problems more quickly, making it easier to troubleshoot issues.

Digitalization of the entire water cycle is fast becoming a norm in the water and wastewater industry. Samtex offers automation and control solutions for all types of water processes: desalination, water pumping, distribution, irrigation, industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment, waterways and coastal protection. Our solutions include PLC, SCADA, Historian, IOT, Analytics and IT networking.Water engineering systems are significantly large and complex. We have executed automation projects to enable our customers to optimize their operations and create a foundation to become a smart water management enterprise.

Plant areas and technologies that Samtex has worked in the past include:

  • Water Distribution Systems (RTUs)
  • Headworks for WTP & WWTP
  • Clarifiers / Vertical Loop Reactors
  • Sludge Handling Systems
  • Filters
  • RO Systems