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Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) – This is a strategic move of Samtex Solutions to offer a wider product portfolio that includes Building Management Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Gas Suppression systems, Access Control System, CCTV Surveillance System, Lighting Controls and wireless range of products.

We as Samtex Solutions can provide a single ceiling solution for all the various fixtures that go onto the ceiling or on the wall; like smoke detectors, cameras, lights, speakers, thermostats with occupancy and indoor air quality options, wireless sensors and other sensors for smart buildings and smart cities. Our cost-effective solutions also provide the flexibility to support your facilities as you expand.

Products, Platforms and Solutions

1. Control & Safety System

Safety Instrumented System (SIS)- Webfield TCS-900
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Distributed Control System(DCS)- Webfield JX-300XP
Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) – Webfield GCS Series

2. Measurement Instrumentation

3. Control Valves

4. Monitoring & Optimization Software