Samtex Solution

Safety Instrumented System
(SIS) WebField TCS-900


With Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture, TCS-900 SIS system couples safety with process availability, helps you safeguard your plant operation and maximizes uptime by avoiding spurious shutdowns.

Past solutions for safe operations may no longer be sufficient. New international standards for safety, like IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, are prompting a re-examination of safety practices.

Certificated with TÜV SIL3, TCS-900 safety instrumented system helps you reliably protect your assets and improve your process availability whether standalone or integrated with a control system.
TCS-900 SS system provides all safety and critical control solutions for process industry, especially in O& Gas, Chemicals Petrochemical, Energy, Metallurgy, and Machinery. TCS-900 SS system complies with major industry standards for safety applications: Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD
  • Process Shutdown Systems (PSD)
  • Interlock Systems
  • Critical Control
TCS-900 is an intuitive and intelligent safety platform. It offers tools and features to simplify your maintenance 1ms resolution Sequence of Event(SOE) record keeps you accurately informed, comprehensive diagnostics helps you locate faults exactly, and HART protocol support helps you calibrate and maintain field instrument easily.
TCS-900 can be combined with all leading distributed control systems (DCS) via communication standard, and be integrated seamless with SUPCON ECS-700 DCS system.
For third party integration, TCS-900 offers features such as:
  • Transfer of alarms and events with time stamp
  • Transfer of detailed system diagnostic data Transfer and visualization of process data and safety-related
  • locking states
  • Maintenance override switch (MOS)
  • Partial stroke test (PST)
  • Start-up bypass (SUB)
TCS-900 is designed to meet a wide range of safety require ments and maintain the highest integrity level, even in the presence of multiple system failures. By minimizing spurious shutdown, TCS-900 can potentially save your operation cost.
TCS-900 SIS adopts TMR system structure, its TMR uses a majority voting process to identify the source of a and barrier the faults by five-level voting mechanism.
Random hardware failures will cause one of the three es to react differently to the others. This discrepancy captured and reported by the voting system. The TMR all shume man immediately to contain system faults, helping to ensure it meet your safety integrity requirements.