Samtex Solution

Johnson-control BMS

Featuring all-new enhancements, Facility Explorer is a game-changing building automation system that delivers exceptional capability and scalability. How? The category-leading engineering of Johnson Controls. That’s the FX Factor. Combined with next generation equipment controllers and industry-leading networking topologies, FX delivers unmatched efficiency from bid to installation to operation. Discover the FX Factor.

A Productivity Tools Suite for Absolute Efficiency

A unique feature of FX productivity tools is that they can reduce the time and cost associated with estimating, engineering, configuration, installation, and commissioning. Discover all the ways FX is more efficient.
Next Generation Equipment Controllers Maximize Performance
Reduce installation costs and boost system performance with the next generation VAV Box and General Purpose Application Controller. As a result, they provide high-capacity memory, fast processing, easy programming, and fast installation.
The Highly Resilient MRP Ring-Enabled IP Controller Solution
We offer you an easy-to-implement, highly resilient IP controller solution. FX IP Controllers provide faster data access and troubleshooting, while Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 Switches connect all IP controllers with the engine and supervisory controller through a ring-topology network.
New models, new opportunities
FX equipment controllers support star, daisy chain, and ring network topologies with the BACnet/IP protocol. Cyber security best practices are incorporated into embedded software and firmware updates. Improve the flexibility of your BAS by streamlining integrations and enhancing interoperability. Act now to optimize system performance.

At Johnson Controls, we’ve designed our HVAC Sensors to work seamlessly within your HVAC system. Our Control Sensors aren’t just engineered for performance – they’re engineered to help reduce expenses and time spent on installation. Choose from our humidity sensors, HVAC temperature sensors, pressure sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, occupancy sensors and network sensors – all designed with advanced technology to deliver the reliability you need.

Differential Pressure Sensor Series

Broad range of temperatures and long operating range control for virtually any application

GS3000 Gas Detection Sensor Series

Monitors levels of carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide to provide early warnings of elevated concentrations.

NS8000 Series Network Sensors

Just one device senses temperature, humidity, CO2 and occupancy

CO2 Duct Probe with Analog Temperature Sensor

CD-WA0-00-0 Series

Differential Pressure Transmitter

DPT 2015 Series

Duct Mount Temperature Sensor

TE-6300 Series

Humidity Transmitter Metastat Wall Mount

TRUERH™ Series HE-6700

Outdoor Relative Humidity Transmitter

Hx67x3 Series Transmitter

Humidity Transmitter with Temperature Sensor

Wall Mount HE-6800 Series

Our pre-assembled HVAC Control Panels help system integrators streamline the installation process and reduce unnecessary costs associated with manual field assembly. At SAMTEX SOLUTIONS, our Control Panels feature agency-compliant standard and custom turnkey solutions designed to provide a solid protection package for the intelligent devices within your system. Choose Facility Explorer Series and our Custom Panels.