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Industrial Automation

Welcome to Samtex, the company that provides safe, efficient, and sustainable industrial solutions. Samtex’s advanced industrial automation and control systems enable companies to control complex industrial processes, machines, and production lines in a distributed and redundant manner. Our PLC systems are based on cutting-edge technology and provide reliable performance and connectivity to cloud and IoT functionality, which contributes significantly to the productive growth of your business.
Providing your industry with the latest technology and extensive industry expertise, Samtex is one of the most trusted and experienced PLC/DCS and SCADA solutions, to meet your needs and challenges today and in the future, we design and manufacture PLC/DCS panels and custom OEM solutions that are just right for you.
Our approach is holistic and solutions are future-ready. With our range of essential components, intelligent devices, and integrated systems, you will be able to make informed decisions and control your operations more efficiently. Providing reliable, real-time solutions that are flexible, scalable, and easy to integrate into the future are among our key strengths. Our specialized knowledge of the industry allows us to help industries access the advantages of manufacturing with PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, RTU & DCS Systems. With the increasing global demand for increased productivity and competitiveness, we use our industry knowledge to help industries access the advantages of manufacturing. We are experienced with many different software and hardware platforms and have several platform-specific applications.
We are partnering with SUPCON to offer our Automation solutions. SUPCON is one of the leading product and technology, solution and service provider of process automation. SUPCON serves various industries such as oil & gas, chemical, power, building material, pulp& paper, metallurgy, food & beverage, public utilities, etc..

Why Automation?

Enhancing productivity

Many companies hire hundreds of production workers to operate the plant for a maximum number of hours, but the plant must still be closed for maintenance and holidays. As a result of industrial automation, the company can run a manufacturing plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It improves the productivity of the company significantly.

Quality improvement

The reduction of human involvement also eliminates the possibility of human error. The ability to maintain uniformity and product quality by controlling and monitoring the industrial processes at every stage, from product conception to the final product, can be achieved with greater conformity.

Increasing safety

Industrial automation in hazardous working conditions increases employee safety by substituting automated machines for humans. Such risky places are typically implemented with industrial robots and robotic devices.

High flexibility

Robots can be programmed to perform any task, unlike humans, who need the training to add new tasks to an assembly line. This makes the manufacturing process more flexible.

Streamlining routine checks

Automation eliminates the need to manually check various process parameters. Using closed-loop control techniques, automated industrial processes automatically adjust variable values to set or desired values based on automation technologies.

Products we supply

Services We offer

Automation Engineering and Consultancy

PLC/DCS Programming

HMI & SCADA Programming

OEM/Machinery Programming

System Integrations

Industries we serve


  • Startup/shutdown
  • Crude oil switching
  • Decoking
  • Transition management
  • Alarm response

Fine chemical

  • Process sequence start and stop
  • Batching
  • Batching recipe changes
  • Product specifications changes
  • Common but not standard operating procedures


  • SOP automation
  • Abnormal Monitoring of Pharmacuticle 

Plup & Paper

  • Pulp Preparation
  • Digester startup/shutdown 


  • Startup/shutdown
  • Raw material grade changes
  • Switch production line
  • Conversion management
  • Emergency response
  • Clean


  • Boiler startup/shutdown
  • Engine startup/shutdown
  • Load adjustment
  • Purging
  • Descaling

Food and Beverage

  • Raw material measurrement distribution 
  • Batching


  • Cement kilin startup operation 
  • Combustion process troubleshooting operation