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Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) – This is a strategic move of Samtex Solutions to offer a wider product portfolio that includes Building Management Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Gas Suppression systems, Access Control System, CCTV Surveillance System, Lighting Controls and wireless range of products. We as Samtex Solutions can provide a single ceiling solution for all the various fixtures that go onto the ceiling or on the wall; like smoke detectors, cameras, lights, speakers, thermostats with occupancy and indoor air quality options, wireless sensors and other sensors for smart buildings and smart cities.Our cost-effective solutions also provide the flexibility to support your facilities as you expand.

Building Management and Energy management system

Johnson Controls is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building automation systems having partners in over 80 countries delivering the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building solution encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access Control products Samtex Solutions has entered into an alliance with Johnson Controls to offer dependable and user friendly building management systems and energy management systems (EMS) to commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings along with specialised applications for data centres with energy management and energy reporting tools for energy efficiency. SUPCON with Samtes Solutions has an exclusive partnership which is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative energy management solutions platform that allow for either turnkey or standalone building retrofits, as well as the ability to interface with casting building automation systems. With no wires to run and no batteries to replace, their solutions are secure, scalable, flexible, easy to install and even easier to use. The products are on the EnOcean technology which is an energy harvesting wireless technology used for building automation, industry, transportation, logistics and smart homes.


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Future proof buildings with the new Facility Explorer® IP Controller Solution

Samtex Solutions is proud to announce distribution of Facility Explorer® Building Automation System by Johnson Controls. Built with powerful and flexible Johnson Controls programming. Facility Explorer® BAS is designed to meet any building management need: while Samtex Solutions has experience simplifying building automation, energy management. HVAC systems and more. It’s a partnership built to last. Johnson Controls just rolled out the industry-leading Facility Explorer® Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Ring-Enabled IP Controller Solution, connected by Cisco technology. Learn about some of the exciting new features and benefits in the latest Facility Explorer® release: FX productivity tools are uniquely designed to reduce estimating, engineering, configuration, installation and commissioning time and cost. Discover all the ways FX is more efficient.

Consistent and reliable occupant experience

1) Unparalleled system resiliency, scalability and security.
2) Faster recovery time than other solutions – recovery time is reduced from seconds to milliseconds.

Reduced network costs

1) Minimize implementation and maintenance costs with a simplified and streamlined network solution.
2) Allows for up to 100 controllers to sit on a single ring.

Increased operational efficiencies

1) Simplify installation, management and maintenance with minimal configuration. 2)Unique configuration tool reduces configuration time.

Facility Explorer

Integrated Building Management System

Client Friendly User Interface